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Alexis Tsipras: A Left Political Alternative for the Refoundation of Europe

Keynote address at international conference on

Challenging the Rule of Troika, Transforming Europe

organised by DCU Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences and Transform! Europe
in DCU HG20 7pm on Monday 10 March 2014

Alexis Tsipras is President of SYRIZA, Leader of the Opposition in the Greek Parliament, Prospective Prime Minister of Greece, Vice President of the Party of the European Left, Candidate for the Presidency of the European Commission.

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The Greek night of the year!

Get yourselves sorted and put your dancing shoes on, because we are expecting you all in our Greek night full of fun and merriment, celebrating the Greek national day of October 28th and the name day for Dimitrios and Dimitra, but above all to get together and have a ball – literally!

Saturday 26 October, from 8 pm until 2 am at the reception hall of

Child Vision, Gracepark Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9

The ticket includes finger food, but the drinks will be charged at the bar separately.
Free car parking will be provided.

Ticket: 25 euro
Unemployed, students: 15 euro
Under 12s: 10 euro

For ticket sales/ reservations please get in touch via email with the Management Board members:
Yanni Doumenis:
Christodoulos Lazaris:
Konstantinos Drakakis:
Thomaé Kakouli:
Michael Youlton:

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Survey 2013

We would like to have your views on the Hellenic Community of Ireland, whether you are a member of the Hellenic Community or not.
For this reason, we created a 14 multi-choice questions anonymous survey, which will take no more than 3-4 minutes to complete.

Your answers/comments are valuable to us, whether you live in Ireland or not, whether you are a member of the HCI or not.
Your comments can be in English or in Greek.

The survey will be running until the Sun. 23/6/13
We stress again that the survey is anonymous, you are not required to enter your name or email address

In order for us to get the correct data, please answer the survey only once.

Please click the following link to start the survey

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Μια συγγραφέας στη Ελληνική κοινότητα

Οπως ίσως ήδη γνωρίζεις το Σάββατο 8 Ιουνίου  έρχεται  η συγγραφέας Στέργια Κάββαλου από την Ελλάδα ειδικά για να μιλήσει για  τα βιβλία της στα παιδιά και στους ενήλικες της Ελληνικής Κοινότητας.
Μετά το τέλος της συζήτησης θα ακολουθήσει εργαστήρι συγγραφής. Θα θέλαμε λοιπόν να ξέρουμε πόσοι θα παραβρεθούν στην εκδήλωση για να προετοιμάσουμε τον χώρο ανάλογα.

Παιδική συνάντηση και εργαστήρι συγγραφής Σάββατο 8 Ιουνίου στις 2.00μμ και συζήτηση ενηλίκων και εργαστήρι Κυριακή 9 στις 2.00μμ 

Για αυτό σε παρακάλουμε να μας ενημερώσεις μέχρι τη Τετάρτη 25/5/2013 αν θα έρθεις μέσω ηλετρονικού ταχυδρομείου,
Με φιλικούς χαιρετισμούς,

Σχολική  Επιτροπή

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