About Hellenic Community


Greeting from the President

Dear countrymen, countrywomen and friends,

A new Management Board was elected on the 29th of May. There are many new people and a complete list can be found at the end of this message.

We are very pleased to announce that four out of eight people that form the Board reside outside Dublin and thus they represent, now more than ever, the whole of Ireland, which was something that the previous Board had attempted to achieve.

We would like to thank the members of the previous Board, both the ones who were re elected and the ones who chose not to run again, for their contribution to the community.

Most of the members of the new Board are parents and can assist greatly in the efforts of our countrymen and countrywomen outside Dublin to start new schools.

Moreover, we are confident that we will be successful in our effort to find a new building for our school in Dublin, in order to respond to its every growing needs. So far we were fortunate to only have to worry about the commencement of the school year and the school’s smooth and orderly operation, and not its housing. However, nowadays the number of the students is growing and we have to consider finding a new permanent or temporary building.

The past few years there is a massive relocation of Greeks of all ages in Ireland. Our hope is that our upcoming gatherings and events will embrace all age groups. We would like to explore the option of starting a cultural center which will cover their needs. Please feel free to contact us in case you would like to help in our search to find a suitable space.

The first and most important concern of the new Board is to inspire love, solidarity, unity and respect to the members of our Community.

The President,
Stella Xenopoulou

The Management Board

President Stella Xenopoulou stella1
Vice President Konstantinos Drakakis
Secretary Kyriaki Tzouveleki  
Assistant Secretary Matina Velonaki  
Treasurer Michael Youlton
Assistant Treasurer Vasilis Vasiliadis  
Members Dimitris Georgolopoulos  
  Nikos Skevoulis  

Click here to download the Articles of Association in pdf or here in word