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The Hellenic Community of Ireland was founded in 1964 and today there are approximately 1000 members registered, including spouses and children, most of them in the Dublin area.
It is believed that the wider Greek community in Ireland consists of some 500 people spread throughout the island.
There is also a small group of expatriates in Northern Ireland who are subject to administrative support by the Hellenic communities of the United Kingdom.
After their efforts to create the Hellenic Community of Northern Ireland, it was decided to join and be represented by the Hellenic Community of Ireland, because geographically and in fact they are closer to it than to similar communities in the United Kingdom.



Greeting from the President

Welcome to the website of the Hellenic Community of Ireland (HCI)!

HCI consists of Greeks and Cypriots living in Ireland. It has been formally recognized by the governments of Greece, Cyprus, and Ireland.
The members of its management board are elected and work on a voluntary basis.
Since its foundation in 1964, HCI has been constantly trying to
a) improve the quality of life of Greeks/Cypriots living in Ireland and help them preserve their Greek culture;
b) act as a link between Ireland and Greeks/Cypriots back in the homelands providing counsel and assistance as necessary; and
c) promote Greek culture among the Irish, and vice versa.

More specifically, our community operates a school teaching Greek to children and adults, and organises several cultural events and social gatherings. There is also a Greek Orthodox Church located in Dublin, managed by our sister community, the Greek Orthodox Community of Ireland. Some members of the current HCI management board also serve on the other.

Feel free to browse our webpages for information, and to contact us if you need anything further.

On behalf of the HCI Management Board,

The President,
Stella Xenopoulou


President Stella Xenopoulou stella1
Vice President Konstantinos Drakakis
Secretary Kyriaki Tzouveleki
Assistant Secretary Matina Velonaki
Treasurer Michael Youlton
Assistant Treasurer Vasilis Vasiliadis
Members Dimitris Geogropoulos
Nikos Skevoulis
Dimitris Nikolaidis (Cork)

Click here to download the Articles of Association in pdf or here in word